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Our Systems

Prior to production, over 4 years of detailed research and development went towards perfecting our weighing systems. During this period we conducted market research with airport operators, airlines and passengers before finalising the system's design and features. From there we gained the relevant certification and undertook on-site airport testing. We now have patented solutions based on an IPR Portfolio with new, advanced technology.

This extensive research and testing has resulted in the development of innovative smart systems that offer realistic solutions for the modern airport to check-in problems associated with excess baggage.

Weight-ahead Machine

We're delighted to have Weigh-ahead systems installed at our airport. They provide clear benefit to travelers and help reduce problems and delays at check-in.
Bristol International Airport


  • A compact system designed for higher footfall, utilising floor space of less than one metre square
  • Can be integrated with the 'Best-vend' machine and provides opportunity for multi-system installations


  • Remote Monitering for easy maintenance and updates to airline limit data
  • User friendly, multi lingual touchscreen interface
  • Intuitive weigh and re-weigh process
Weight-ahead Machine

Fully certified

  • The weighing equipment incorporated in our system is patent approved to European Weights and Measures Standards.

Procon OIML WeighCal

Weigh-ahead UKENA Ltd are working in association with leading weighing and process control specialists Procon Engineering Ltd. Procon have worked closely with Weigh-ahead during the development of the special weights and measures approved weigh scale and weighing software. Their engineers have also provided invaluable advice on weights and measures (legal for trade) issues relating to the pre-check-in luggage weighing system. Procon will continue to supply the critical weighing components and provide ongoing nationwide service, calibration and support.

User friendly design

  • Optimal use of floorspace
  • Robust technology with minimal components
  • Rugged exterior
  • Easy maintenance

Simple cashing procedures

  • Secure cashing and receipt functions
  • System security and remote monitoring
  • Automatic update function for weight limit data

Smart and intuitive touch screen interface

  • Picture based story navigation process
  • Multi-lingual display
  • Accurate and compliant digital readout
  • Calculates the excess each passenger is likely to be charged

Advertising and promotion opportunities

  • Screensaver advertising function
  • Screen content advertising function
  • Campaign advertising via remote updates
  • Full machine decal service


The Weigh-ahead range is designed to locate in a variety of situations, considering practical demands of the modern airport. Our systems have been designed with input from research with passengers, airport operators and airlines.


The 'Best-vend' machine retails excellent value foldaway 'Smart-bags' that meet airline hand luggage requirements. The machine is fully branded to encourage sales.

Weight-ahead Machine