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About Us

Weigh-ahead pre-check-in luggage weighing systems offer the passenger and airport a 'total solution'. It goes far beyond informing the passenger the weight of their luggage.

The service allows the passenger to check the weight of their luggage and whether it is over or under the permitted limits of their airline. If over the allowance, passengers are advised of possible excess luggage cost, as well as offering a free re-weigh should they decide to remove items from their hold luggage.

Weight-ahead Machine

Additionally, should they go for this option but require a hand luggage bag, the 'Best-vend' machine retails excellent value foldaway cabin compliant 'Smart-bags'. The Weigh-ahead service educates passengers, reduces queuing times, speeds up the check-in process and avoids the stress, cost and embarrassment associated with excess luggage. Staff morale is improved as it lessens the likelihood of check-in confrontations.

Weigh-ahead currently operates in the following airports:

  • UK
  • Aberdeen
  • Belfast International
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Doncaster/Sheffield Robin Hood
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow International
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool John Lennon
  • Newcastle International
  • Southampton
  • Stansted

  • International
  • Abuja (Nigeria)
  • Auckland (New Zealand)
  • Gold Coast (Australia)
  • Perth (Australia)
  • Sydney (Australia)